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Detailed terms of use of gbook.uk


The web site gbook.uk has been created to provide information and services to registered members - customers and free users. gbook.uk is a dynamic online business guide. All businesses, small or large, as well as all freelancers, have the right to register for the driver. Your use of gbook.uk implies the full acceptance of the Terms and Conditions as described below. All members and visitors to any gbook.uk website must be informed in order to be aware of any changes to the terms and conditions and of the conditions. If all members and visitors continue to use the Website after the announcement of the modifications, it means that they have accepted the modifications.


The listing is provided free of charge.To make it registration must be a member registration at gbook.uk. The listing includes the key elements of the member such as: name, trade mark, contact person, full address, fax, e-mail, internet address, activity, photo or business logo. A member may include an unlimited number of advertising brochures, texts and photographs relating to his business, products and services that he promotes or specializes in, and may submit infinite keywords, descriptive and specific to his business, for its best promotion through search engines on the Internet.Every member who has purchased the registration pack can enter the membership codes assigned to him to modify the details a of each registration. The company is obliged to provide telephone support to the member as well as unlimited space for the creation of its advertising listing.


gbook.uk will create, starting from 15/05/2020, a Newsletter, whose content will be made up of news, news, announcements and various articles that will cover gbook.uk and its members. The Newsletter will be weekly and electronically sent to the e-mails of the thousands of professionals registered at gbook.uk and to visitors of the guide who have told us that they wish to receive it. Each Newsletter will be given a special emphasis on a tribute. The tribute can be local, namely a County, a Region or a City, but also various categories of professionals such as Catering, Accommodation, Tourism, Traditional products etc. Registered members of the gbook.uk related to the special tribute will be featured on it through a special banner. If, for example, the tribute concerns a county in Greece, it will showcase all businesses and professionals who are registered members of gbook.uk (financially aware) based in that county. All specials will remain in the gbook.uk database, in the "Tributes" category, to inform all members and visitors of gbook.uk whenever they wish. By subscribing to the Newsletter, recipients will receive from time to time via separate Email, individual product and service offerings for all of Greece, of gbook.uk in collaboration with companies of all sectors and activities Anytime any recipient who does not wish to receive the newsletter and Email Promotions can now simply declare their email in the appropriate field at gbook.uk and delete it from the service.

ACCESS codes

To access certain services viruses of the gbook.uk website or for linking to certain web sites, gbook.uk will be requested by members to provide them with a relevant Password. The above information must always be true, accurate, valid and complete. Members are responsible for all acts carried out with the Password and are obliged to immediately notify gbook.uk of any unauthorized use of it and of any (even potential) breach of security. This information is not disclosed by gbook.uk to third parties. gbook.uk is not responsible for any damage or damage that may arise from the unauthorized or unlawful use of the Password by any third party, due to its leak or for any other reason and reserves the right to request compensation from the user in the event of undergoing surgery