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What is gbook.uk

The gbook.uk guide began as a business information search tool on the web. The high traffic of members and users of the guide, Google's acceptance of its searches and desire More and more businesses are joining the web based members drive its administrators to develop and upgrade its software. So from a simple viewer you become a great business search engine with expired and fast-paced methods.

In this version of the guide we have laid the foundation for the search so that a simple user can quickly and easily find information about the fishing, business, professional or store that The application is built on a responsive framework and runs through any web browser which means that you can automatically customize the image from anywhere through it (PC, tablet, mobile, TV) without having to install any additional applications.

Four different search methods b helping users never get hit with a zero-sum find that is very tiring. a user-friendly and easy-to-read management form designed for even the most novice user. So you can add photos, texts, quotes, price lists and keywords to your listing without waiting for huge ones call center waiting for a simple change of data.